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EXPLANIDEO are proven experts in making blockchain technology, crypto currencies, ICOs, smart contracts and other complicated topics finally understandable whilst looking nice and easy.
Our professional explainer videos make your intelligent but somewhat nerdy business unwithstandable to future investors and more attractive to users and customers.

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„I can really recommend working with the Explanideo team.
They did an excellent job to analyse, prepare and produce multiple blockchain tutorial videos for

Especially how they processed the complicated matter of blockchain technologies, consensus algorithms and token economies and explained them in a simply to understand format was impressive.

They work quick, are responsive to feedback and followed a clear work flow from the beginning till the end.
It was one of our first videos and thanks to the great Explaindeo team and their experience we got a fantastic result within a few weeks.

For our next tutorial videos, we will defenitily pick the Explanideo team again.“




Highly technical, sometimes complicated products need professional help to explain it to the masses.

It’s not so much about nice and colorful images but more about a solid, easy to understand concept to make the audience really get what the key points of your business are.

That’s why we are here: Since 2011 – the year all startet – we are specialists in listening, concepting and explaining. Our highly skilled motion designers then do all the rest.

No idea how to explain it?
We have! 
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What we offer


EXPLANIDEO has the expertise and the experience to create some of the industry’s best explainer videos.
We are great listeners, we are well educated editors and we have loads of successful productions in our back.

AND: We love tech! So, let’s get it on, we can’t wait to learn about your crypto business and to show off your fascinating ideas to the masses!

These are the key steps of our workflow:

  • Briefing/Meeting
  • Timetable
  • Concept/Storyline
  • Script
  • Storyboard/Illustrations
  • Voice Over
  • Animation
  • Hurray!

NOTE: We care about you and your product! Our team will always be there to answer your questions and to react to any of your wishes throughout the entire production process. No extra fees charged.

Why not do it myself?


We know that especially in a start-up environment where money is short (and time too) people often believe in the power of do-it-yourself.


We have seen lots of cool products with a future unfortunately presented by awful videos made by the company owners.
Better spend your time, money and effort on a professional video for the stunning product you have to offer.


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+49 (0) 8121-7605149

„EXPLANIDEO is your perfect partner if you have a highly technical, really complicated product you want to explain to your investors, customers or community.“

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